Free Software Magazine staff launches

In just over a year, Free Software Magazine has become an authority in the free software world.

Myself (Tony), Dave, Gianluca, Alan and others worked countless hours to create Free Software Magazine from scratch, without involving Venture Capitalists or investors.

We can only be happy with the result: a quality magazine on free software read by thousands of people each month.

Over time, we found that even though we could publish professionally edited feature articles, we couldn't cover news in real time.

For real-time news:

  • Our blogs helped to cover this void, but it wasn't quite enough.
  • Slashdot does a terrific job providing news to geeks - but they are not at all focused on free software.
  • LinuxToday is another fantastic hub. However, LinuxToday focuses on Linux (hence the name), and Linux is only one piece of the puzzle...

This is why we created Fsdaily will provide a constant feed of news exclusively about free software. It is based on Slashcode, which means that it can be used as a hub for the free software community to comment on specific items of news.

So... go and create your own account, and enjoy our new site!

And... don't forget to tell us if there is a story you'd like us to cover. If it's about free software, we won't reject it!


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