Free Software Magazine—Call For Papers!

In just under a year, Free Software Magazine has become one of the most prominent voices in the free software world.

The hard work is definitely paying off. The most important publishers in the computer world are sponsoring our magazine, and all of the major news sites keep a watchful eye on us. We have thousands of subscribers who receive our weekly newsletter, with dozens of new people signing up every day.

Some of our best writers have become recognised names, thanks to the wide exposure they have gained through Free Software Magazine. Each article is read by thousands of people—even today, people are still downloading our first issue!

We are currently looking for authors. Previous writing experience is most welcome, but it isn’t strictly necessary. Your article can be technical (for “hacker’s code”) or non-technical (for “mind set”). It could be aimed at end users and desktop (for the “user space” section) or it could even be an interview with a person important to the free software world.

We will publish your article, release it for free, and pay you for it (with a book—please check out the Write for us section of the magazine!).

Before you send us your submission, please read our previous issues:

If you would like to write, visit this URL:

Writing will be a rewarding experience, and will prove to be valuable for you and to the free software world.

Finally... please spread the word about this call for paper! Let everybody you know about the possibility of writing for us.


Tony Mobily

Editor In Chief


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