I have always wanted to invent a new word. Not any old word, but a word that would gets used even in the deepest, darkest corners of coffee shops in Amsterdam. Not that I would ever get to hear the word used. I don't like coffee! So let's try vistarization. The process of a sensible, definitely obvious idea degenerating into a heavy weight project that takes many extra years to complete. I have images of small spacecraft trying to divert asteroids that are going to hit the Earth.

The question to ask is when you see a horde of IP related lawyers being super charged in a magnetron and you feel the static as the springs are being coiled for a big advertising campaign. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Is the free software community ready for the heralded embrace and consumption of a pseudo-proprietary, well-integrated set of services? Can Gnome or KDE or XGL transfer seamlessly into the pseudo-3D world? I'm not so sure? I hope I'm missing the point. Just because a process is as slow moving as quicksand and as easy to anticipate does not mean that the process is not a danger to the biodiversity of the world around it. Magma slowly eroding the side of a mountain village comes to my fevered mind.

So we know the services that will be available from the out role. We know what may be coming in service pack 1. So let's go on an intellectual hunting expedition. What I want from you community orientated folk is to be educated. I intuitively feel that there are many excellent tools out there in the wild just waiting for some KDE or Gnome Linux distribution to increase its value from. If you know of such proactively deadly assault tools can you make a comment with a link and share your knowledge with the rest of us? Can we legally invade and consume the XBOX/XBOX 360 universe creating a wonderful multimedia home experience, perhaps for the price of zero? Embrace and consume I say, embrace and consume and enjoy a really good free software streaming experience.

Yep, it is time for controllers such as dance mats and Nintendo Wii pointers to force us fat, saddened developers and administrators to physically interact with our environment. Wouldn’t it be nice to go home to our families with bodies rippling and healthy from exercise? No more empty pizza boxes. Just 16 hours of gruelling breakdancing. Yes, an hour of force feedback to tone those stomach muscles. 12 minutes of sprinting to avoid a kernel panic! And xcruiser to make us stronger in the hunt for that missing jar file or permission.


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