Finding the right documentation

One of the ongoing problems with documentation at MySQL is that it is getting ever larger.

Not only is the size of the docs increasing, but the formats and languages that we support is increasing too, and that is making it more and more difficult to effectively list them and make sure they are available.

In fact, about half of the queries sent to the docs team on the public docs is to ask a question about docs, formats, translations or availability. Most of the time the information is there, but, to be fair, it's probably not obvious that a particular format/language combination is available.

To try and address that I re-organized the main MySQL documentation page so that it is more readable and easier to find the information you want.

Longer term, it should be easier for us to add more versions, translations and other documentation to this list without using up too much space.

We're open to suggestion though, so if please let me know if there is some way I can improve it.


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