Alternative Freedom the Movie

I was surprised to find that I have never seen nor heard of this movie before it just suddenly appeared in Google video today. Called Alternative Freedom the Movie I just couldn't resist.


Doseone (rapper: pop culture commentator) DJ Danger mouse (mix maker extraordinaire) Richard Stallman (The Grand philosopher of Free Software) Lawrence Lessig (Super lawyer, creator of Creative commons) Andrew "Bunnie" huang (reverse engineering pro)

The movie presents the arguments for Free Software beautifully. It shows how even the average person using a computer or enjoying music is effected by people trying to take away our freedoms. Topics such as reverse engineering, encryption, and technology are presented in ways that won't scare away the non-technical.

Richard Stallman and the ideals he supports are more or less the main focus of the piece. It uses lots of wonderful footage from 60's protests, news reels, and pop culture to drive home topics and to interject some humor. Though sometimes I find these images get a bit in the way and are a times disjointed.

Overall this movie is wonderful for introducing the topic Of free Software to someone who may not know anything about it. If someone is non-technical they will be happy the way this movie breaks things down and doesn't fly over their head.

Check it out at:

or go to google video and search for Alternative Freedom the Movie. I apologize in advance that I could not find a copy of this movie in a free software format. If someone knows where one is available please post it in comments.


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