Bring Some GNU Goodness to Windows with Gow

Stuck on Windows? No problem, you can still have some of the best GNU utilities courtesy of Gow (which stands for GNU on Windows). BNQ3WVFXSY7Y Gow is a lightweight alternative to the popular Cygwin collection of GNU utilities, and as such, it offers only the most essential tools. But despite Gow's tiny size (about 10MB), it features many of GNU's greatest hits, including bash, curl, gawk, grep, putty, rsync, sed, sftp, and zip (for a full list of all available tools, see the Executables List page ).

The package also includes a simple gow tool which sports only three options: --help, --version, and --list. The latter displays a list of all tools bundled with Gow, which can come in handy when you need to quickly check whether a specific binary is included or not. Gow is supplied as a single executable, so installing it on your Windows box is a matter of a few mouse clicks. Gow's installer conveniently adds all binaries to the Windows PATH, so you can easily access them from the command line. According the the project's documentation, Gow is compiled on 32-bit systems, but it runs happily on the 64-bit platform as well.


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