A company, zero to operational and profitable, in 5 days with free software

Everything started with a simple question my wife asked me: you are so good at teaching, why don't you do it? Given that I will only ever work in my own term, I would have to organize everything on my own: incorporation, web site, stationery, advertising, the lot. Chiara's question was natural: well, you can do all that basically for free with Free Software, right?

Right. So, the adventure begins: the bet is that I will have a company, zero to profitable (that means with customers, bookings, etc.) in 5 days.

Today, the 11th of January, is when everything is starting. By Wednesday next week, I will need to have:

Technology related

  • Logo/Company letterhead
  • A professional company web site
  • A system to handle bookings
  • A phone number
  • A professional letter on the course


  • A domain name
  • Material to sell
  • Corporate phone line
  • Entry in yellow pages and white pages

I will keep everybody updated; I will obviously focus on the free software aspect of things. However, I will also cover some of the other points.

Wish me good luck! (And wish me a happy birthday too!)


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