FSM Crossword 1

Here's the first cryptic crossword from Free Software Magazine. Most clues should lead you to words somehow associated with free software, but one or two "everyday" words have been slipped in to act as decoys :-)



  1. In havoc, camcorder records parallel programming language (5)

  2. Australian table of contents, or German assembly language? (8)

  3. Will, at first, annoy fewer than network access method (8)

  4. Burrowing animal used to be a contender for hypertext system (6)

  5. Nettle mix used for remote access (6)

  6. That we next ran inside DEC OS (6)

  7. Overshadow platform, drinking Java (9)

  8. Court dispute over wit's ALU?

  9. Hairstyle or dog? (6)

  10. Logo's graphic marker - found on isle of Tortuga? (6)

  11. More than one Polish mountain? (6)

  12. Tome on target for placeholder (8)

  13. RSA language? It's not encrypted... (9)

  14. Change directory, then romp endlessly across storage media (2-3)


  1. Fourth part of play followed by Celt juggling with version of Ousterhot's language (9)

  2. Ship hundred deserted in favour of browser (6)

  3. Units mixed in direction to ftp site (7)

  4. Start to leer at search engine (6)

  5. Company newspaper: always tar first! (7)

  6. Operating system's extent not quite specified – confused (5)

  7. Linux distribution mentioned in recent Oscar winner (6)

  8. Card game? Altercation at church gets it all mixed up! (9)

  9. Database contained class nine (8)

  10. Media player, we hear, is director's cue (6)

  11. Whizbang! Bandwidth consumed – must be a MUD! (7)

  12. Sweetmeat - Edison found between hydrogen and hospital? (6)

  13. Look at me – dressed in red – before ordinate shows solution (6)

  14. Lint – removed by lint? (5)

All answers can be found in The Online Hacker Jargon File, FOLDOC, project names at SourceForge, or Chambers dictionary.


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