Epic Giveaway: Felipe Comparini from Chile wins an Excito B3!

Congratulations to Felipe Comparini from Chile, for winning a fantastic Excito B3! Felipe was one of our many readers who sent us their answer to our giveaway question.

The question was:

"You catch Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in a public toilet, as they are secretly using their Android-based phones. What do you tell them?"

Here is Felipe's answer:

"I thought you use iphones...!"

We asked Felipe to give us a snapshot of his expression when he heard about his win -- which is what you see as this article's main image!

When we asked what he'll do with his new Excito, he said "I will put all my family fotos and watch them on my (now more) smart TV set. I will do the same with my music and errr... I will obviously do the same with some video material I have around...."

Congratulations to Felipe, and thank you all for entering!


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