Epic giveaway: one Excito B3 for one of our readers!

We at Free Software Magazine are excited to announce our very first giveaway. And we are doing so with a fantastic, invaluable free software product: the Excito B3. Yes, you can win a great Excito B3 and enjoy your new server.

Winning is easy: it will take very little of your time, and some creativity.

The prize

In Dmitri Popov's words:

B3 is a do-it-all Linux-based personal server designed for use as a hub for your home network. It can serve files, stream music, publish photos, and even host websites. B3's functionality is wrapped into an elegant and user-friendly web-based interface which makes the task of configuring and maintaining the server a cinch. The server's other highlights include low power consumption, a fanless design, and a robust casing that can withstand harsh treatment. B3 is powered by Debian, and you can access the system via an SSH connection, so you have full control of the system and can access thousands of packages in Debian's software repositories.

How to win

To win this fantastic giveaway, you simply have to:

1) Follow us on at least one of the following social networks:

2) Tell your followers about this great, free software-friendly give away by spreading the link http://fsmsh.com/3725

3) Send us an email to chief [at] freesoftwaremagazine.com, subject "EXCITO", with the answer to a simple question: "You catch Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in a public toilet, as they are secretly using their Android-based phones. What do you tell them?". AND, a link to your social networking account.

The judges, the prize

The judges are Tony Mobily (yours truly) and technical writing star Dmitri Popov. (Plus a third secret judge). The winning entry will be published in Free Software Magazine -- we will notify the winner as well, obviously!

Well, it's up to you -- remember, you won't win if you don't try.


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