We have forums!

As you all know, we are now proud to have a Drupal 5 website, and we are happily installing features left, right and centre for your enjoyment. And our most recent new adventure in features is... FORUMS! That's right, ladies and gentlemen... want to know the answer to a free software question that's been bugging you? Want to help a newbie? Want to engage with likeminded individuals? Look no further than the third menu item from the left, just below the Free Software Magazine logo! It's that easy!

So, want to know what's on offer?

Right now, we have five active forums, just waiting for some lively discussion!

We have:

  • Free software activism, the forum for all those out there fighting for the cause. This is where you can let everyone know about your free software activist group, its aims, events, and comings and goings.
  • Proprietary software alternatives, for all those trying to wean off proprietary. Is there a piece of proprietary software you want to replace with free software? Are you looking for an alternative? Ask here!
  • What application do I need? Is there something you want to do but you don't know what free software to use? Ask here!
  • Where do I get help? Do you need support on a specific issue but don't know where to look? Ask here! Describe the issue in detail, and somebody will direct you to the right place...
  • Making the switch This forum is for people to diarise their switch to free software. Are you just about to change completely to free software? Keep your diary here, adding an entry for each day or event. Ask for help, or just let everybody know how it's going!

This is your opportunity to get involved. What are you waiting for?


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