Free culture events for April 2006

Welcome to the second newsletter listing and reviewing free culture events around the world. Free culture is a movement that extends the logic of free software into the world of art, advocating free creativity, sharing and remixing. There will be thousands of events with this ethos going on around the world, but the listings below are brought to you by activists and advocates of the free culture movement. You can add your events and reviews to this newsletter on the Free Culture UK newsletter wiki.


Upcoming events

Legal threats to free software and GPLv3

  • What: Ciaran O’Riordan will speak to the British Computer Society about legal threads to freedom such as software patents.
  • When: Friday 7th April, 6-8pm.
  • Where: London HQ - BCS London Office - Southampton Street, First Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA.

Free Culture UK meetup/conference

  • What: An informal get-together for discussions and hacking with free pizza! It will be fun, friendly, with no panels or speakers, and is about sharing experiences and working on practical free culture issues.
  • When: Saturday 8th April 2006, 11am - 7pm.
  • Where: Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London, E14 7HA
  • More information.

Remix Reading open media lab

  • What: Come and learn how to use arty free software, or show off your skills to others, at our first open media lab. Just turn up with an open mind.
  • When: Saturday 15th and Saturday 29th April 2006, 11am-4pm.
  • Where: Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (web site).
  • More information.

Remixing Reading—art exhibition

  • What: An exhibition showing visual remixes of Reading. Works will be selected from entries to a competition and old favourites from the Remix Reading collection. Entry is free.
  • When: Friday 28th - Sunday 30th April 2006, 12am - 5pm.
  • Where: Riverside Museum at Blake’s Lock, off Kenavon Drive, Reading, RG1 3DH.
  • More information.

Event feedback


Remix Reading open media labs

United States

Upcoming events

CC Salon

  • What: A local informal gathering of individuals around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology.
  • When: April 12th 2006, 6-9 PM.
  • Where: Shine, 1337 Mission St, San Francisco, CA.
  • More information.

Free Culture National Summit

  • What: A conference and meetup with speakers including Peter Decherney, a U Penn professor who is writing a book on copyright; Nelson Pavlosky, co-founder of; Prometheus Radio, leading a low-power FM workshop; Holmes Wilson of Downhill Battle, leading a workshop on “Free culture campus strategy”, and... Lawrence Lessig, the Stanford Law professor who inspired us with his book Free Culture!.
  • When: April, 4pm 21st - 3pm 23rd.
  • Where: Hicks Mural Room on the Swarthmore College campus.
  • More information.

Sharing Is Daring—Boston’s Creative Commons Art Show

  • What: Harvard Free Culture will be curating a Creative Commons art show in Cambridge, Boston.
  • When: April 27 - May 6, 2006.
  • Where: Cambridge (USA), Location TBA.
  • More information.


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