Free software and the International Space Development Conference

I know that Free software proponents love to hang out with each other. You go to a conference with free software folks talking about how great free software is, but that's just preaching to the choir. You can't forget to go out there in the world and show others what it feels like and looks like to use free software.

This week, May 25 - May 28, I'm going to attend the International Space Development conference that will be held at the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel at 15201 Dallas Parkway in Addison Texas.

The ISDC organizers require all talks be stored in powerpoint format. Of course I don't own powerpoint as I have a Debian/Linux system so we will use either Kpresenter or Open Office to make the slides.

I am glad that free software programmers make programs that are compatible with non-free software, but I hope that one day soon most people will settle on free format standards for software so I don't have to bend myself around it.

Oh well, anyway if you are interested, the International Space Development Conference will be held this weekend in Dallas, Texas and has many speakers including the astronauts Shannon Lucid, Donald Pettit, and Senator Harrison Schmidt who walked on the moon. There will also be the science fiction writer Ben Bova and lots of other people. I'm so excited.

For more information see the website . I hope to see you there.


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