Free software magazine allows readers to create community posts!

Dear readers,

There is some news. This is important news about Free Software Magazine, and it affects the community. Please spread the word far and wide, in your blogs, news hubs, social networking, and so on.

What's the fuss about?

Well, all of our readers can now create contents in Free Software Magazine’s site, starting from now.

(Well, actually I am lying... it has been possible for a while; however, it was never public!).

That’s right: we now allow our readers to create “posts”, just like our columnists. Thanks to our custom module (soon to be released), you can even “respond” to another person’s posts—a columnist or another community member.

The user posts will appear in the “Community posts” section of the web site. The posts which will get the most votes will be promoted to the home page.

Please keep in mind that posts are not like comments: they should be self-contained. That is, they should make sense even if they are read “alone”.

To create a new post, just click on “Create content” and then “Post” in your user menu (you need to be logged in!); to post a response, click on “Write a full post in response to this!” underneath an article’s title.

If you have an opinion, a tutorial, an idea, a rant, or anything else, this is the right time to write it down: you will reach thousands of readers interested in free software.

(Abusive content will most likely get voted down, and will disappear from the system. Did you have any doubts?)

I feel this is a very exciting step. It joins together the idea of:

  • A magazine
  • User generated contents
  • User voted contents

In an existing, established web site.

So... welcome, everybody! I will see you around...


Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article are permitted worldwide, without royalty, in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.