Free Software Magazine is more exciting now

If you happen to be around here a lot, you probably noticed that things have changed a little: last month, we released our new web site (which is the one you are looking at right now) with a much more friendly look. If you happen to have a phone or a tablet, you would have also noticed that Free Software Magazine is now very phone and tablet friendly.

That's the dress. What about the magazine itself?

Well, FSM (as we call it) is going through a big transformation too. We are publishing a lot more contents, and are doing anything we can to make sure our favourite magazine is more and more exciting. My objective, and I won't hide it, is to reach 30,000 Facebook/Twitter/Disapora/Goolge+ friends in the shortest possible amount of time, and to multiply the traffic by tenfold. I cannot set a timeframe: there is a limit to how willing I am to be proved wrong! The dream is 3 months, the feasible timeframe is 1 year, the reality... well, we shall see.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everybody here, and to promise that we shall do our best to move right forward.

Thank you!


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