Free Software Magazine pays for articles!

We started Free Software Magazine about 3 years ago with two goals in mind: publish fantastic articles about free software, and pay people to write good articles. We believe we managed to reach the first goal. As far as payment, it took us a lot longer than expected.Our authors right now get a book from one of our sponsoring publishers. But, before now, we never managed to pay cash for articles.

This has finally changed.

Free Software Magazine now officially pays for articles. I shamelessly admit that I am writing this sentence with intense satisfaction.

We will pay $35 per thousands words for every article successfully published, with a "cap" of $90 per article and a free complementary book from one of our sponsoring publishers. We also reserve the right to add or subtract 20% of the agreed payment based on the quality of the article - no hard feelings. The payment will be sent immediately, on the day the magazine is published.

You might not be able to get rich by writing articles for us, but remember that our authors will actually be paid for articles that are edited professionally and then released under a free license.

At this time we can definitely pay for articles for the next 4 to 6 months. We hope to be able to continue this into the future and eventually increase the size of the payments.

However, this is a fantastic step forward for us, for our readers and - more importantly - for our writers.

Thank you!


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