FSFE & Samba interview about Microsoft anti-trust

When Monday’s anti-trust verdict was announced, the FSFE andSamba team talked to the gathered journalists and then sat downfor a group interview with Sean Daly.

Thatinterview is on Groklaw now, and I think it came out very well.There’s Carlo Piana and Georg Greve for FSFE and Jeremy Allison andVolker Lendecke of Samba.

The story they tell is very different from what’s dominated themainstream press. It’s not contradictory, but a different focus.For example, while the mainsteam press has produced a lot of headlinesabout the 430 million Euro fine, they haven’t mentioned the 3.6billion (US dollars?) in payments that Microsoft has made to buyNovell, CCIA, Sun, and RealNetworks out of the case. With the finebeing unimportant to Microsoft, the real issue is the client-serverprotocols.


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