Live in the UK and want a free book?

Gary Richmond, one of the greats at Free Software Magazine (read him here), isn't satisfied with just being a fantastic blogger and providing our magazine and readers with great content. He also wants to provide one lucky Free Software Magazine reader in the UK with a copy of Linux Pocket Guide by Daniel J Barrett, published by our good friends at O'Reilly.

Interested? You should be! Here is what you do. If you are in the UK, and want a chance to get your hands on this book, we want you to let us know, in twenty words or less:

Why you want Linux in your pocket.

So login and comment at this entry before midnight on the 30th of March for your chance to win.

The best entry from a person in the UK will be selected by our staff and will be contacted by email at the close of the competition. If the winner does not respond to our email within 48 hours an alternative winner will be sought. For our general terms and conditions, see here.

Remember, YOU MUST LOG IN to participate. If you post an anonymous comment, you won't be considered!

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