FSM Dead! Official!

It is now official.FSM is dead. Send no flowers. It is time for us to pack up our keyboards, reassign our internet links to catty cable TV, give up bags and to spend our time doing something constructive like playing MS Windows Mines or Solitaire. Time for us to reformat out computers with GNU/Linux on them and pay for a operating system where we need not spend all those hours worrying about source code. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted....

It must all be true. Bill Hilf of Microsoft said it. Slashdot reported on it too! Confirmation indeed if confirmation was needed.

Mind you, the FSM was not about the "Free Software Magazine" in specific, but the entire "Free Software Movement". Hilf's main basis for making such a statement was that Linus Torvalds was employed and companies were involved in the distribution of GNU/Linux. I confess, not being the smartest guy in the world such logic I find hard to follow. Maybe I should go to a Microsoft course to have them explain it to me.

Bill Hilf made the statement to the Bangkok Post no less. I am sure Bill doesn't want to let the fact that the messenger published his announcement on a GNU/Linux server running PHP, so I will not let it. I have to bow down to the superior intelligence. The "Free Software Movement" is dead, therefore the "Free Software Magazine" will have nothing to report on.

However, all is not lost, there is one FSM still very much alive! I am back in business! Noodly appendages here I come!


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