GPLv3 draft 3 to be released Wednesday March 28th

According to Bruce Perens, discussion draft 3 of GPLv3 is due to be published on Wednesday March 28th:

At the FSF general meeting today, Richard Stallman announced that thethird discussion draft of GPL version 3 will be released on Wednesdayand will be open for public comment. This will be moved briskly into alast-call version, and they hope to close in early June. This versionhas an additional paragraph that addresses anyone who tries to do whatMicrosoft is currently doing in the Novell-Microsoft agreement. Thelanguage to address anyone who tries to do what Novell is doing isstill being constructed, Eben Moglen commented to me that Richard hasrejected the latest and best proposal for Novell-role language andthat they will formulate new language and try again..


It's interesting to see that draft 3 aims to prevent both roles in the deal, that of Microsoft and that of Novell.

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Lastly, a note for German speakers out there. Guido Arnold has just finished a German translation of Richard Stallman's March 9th 2006 free software talk and Q&A. UPDATE: I also just saw that Rolf Camps has made a Dutch translation of that talk.

Update: FSF has now confirmed this by posting an updated GPLv3 timetable.

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