great point

I thought a long time on your comments you made here trying to find something to refute your points. I am generally someone who thinks that people need to understand the "why" behind what they do. So someone that uses free software should understand that the point in do doing so is for freedom. Stallman has said that if no one was told about freedom that in ten years we probably wouldn't have it anymore. I tend to agree with that sentiment.

However all that being considered you are right that they are still part of the community. They still need to be treated and respected the same amount as the advocates are. Of course later on down the line they may learn about freedom from bumping into an advocate and that is a very good thing.

I guess I just wish that more people would learn about the Freedoms up front when they started using Gnu/Linux. That is why I always try to give out advocacy materials when I do an install for someone or talk to someone about it. In the end I just hope that more users will mean more people fighting for freedom. More people against Software Patents. More people to resist DRM.


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