I am not a PC - I am a free man!

Microsoft's recent multi-million dollar advertising campaign has been driving me nuts. Suddenly splashed across my TV screen is some clueless person claiming "I'm a PC". No where during the advert is any actual software or hardware shown - somewhat reminiscent of the old OS/2 adverts...

It's really annoying me so I've decided to propagate a new meme, with apologies to "The Prisoner":

"I am not a PC - I am a free man!"

I'm even tempted to make a T-shirt up with it on! I'm sure there is some Bizarre Cathedral humour in their too!

The point is I'm not a piece of inanimate computer hardware, I'm a free human being. On my PC I chose to run Linux but I could also run it on a phone, satnav, supercomputer or indeed just about anything with a CPU. Not only can I run Linux where I want, I have a choice about which Linux. Windows only comes in a few flavours that all taste bad and it only runs on "PC" hardware and some other odd things that don't really matter.


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