Interview with Mark Shuttleworth: ask your questions here!

Mark Shuttleworth is going to be the next guest on my podcast where the idea is that YOU are the ones who ask the questions. To make this work we need your questions: send them in to or read on for more contact information.

The format is simple: I get a guest (or guests) who has made a significant contribution to a particular community and then put out requests for questions from ordinary people like you and me. Once we've got questions we simply hold a conference call which I record, while trying to say as little as possible myself(!), where the questions are asked and answers given. It usually makes for a great listen and often results in some unexpected responses or ideas being put forward.

You can send in your questions in several ways: e-mail me at; there's a contact form over at the website; you can even leave a voice mail at 0121 286 9845 (+44). If you really want just post them as a comment to this post and I'll be sure to keep an eye on it for any questions. However you choose to get in touch any and all questions are welcome!

I hope you'll enjoy listening to the show and enjoy coming up with your question.


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