Italian Perl Workshop 2009 and YAPC:EU 2010

Two major Perl events will take place in Italy, thanks to the effort of the Italian Perl users and the users group.

Here are the details!

Italian Perl Workshop

The first event is the fifth Italian Perl Workshop, that will take place in Pisa, Italy, on October 22nd and 23rd. It's a free event, although registration is needed.

While the Workshop is mainly aimed at an Italian audience, the international public will surely enjoy the talks of well known speakers like Tim Bunce, Thomas Fuchs, Amy Hoy, Dave Rolsky and Jonathan Worthington.

Dave Rolsky will give a World Class day's training on Moose on October 21, 2009 (the day before the conference). This mini-course will be a paid event, and will be expressly for the purpose of covering Dave's flight to Europe and hotel expenses. The cost for person is likely to be around EUR 100, with a maximum of 25 participants.

Check the Workshop site for more information. Book your flight (and your place at Rolsky's class) now!

YAPC::EU 2010

The YAPC::Europe Foundation has announced a few weeks ago that it has chosen Pisa to host YAPC::Europe 2010. The conference theme is "the Renaissance of Perl".

YAPC::EU, or "Yet Another Perl Conference" is an international event, which takes place each year in a different European city.

Ten cities and seven European countries have hosted YAPC::EU so far. YAPC::EU 2009 took place in Lisbon, Portugal, in August, featuring six tracks and a load of talks, many of them held by well-known personalities of the Perl Community. Just skim the list to know what to expect in the next edition!

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