Learning Perl (5th Edition) - Book Review

I've just completed a book review for my LUG:

We have been given quite a few books by O'Reilly and Apress to review. I can't say that every book we have been given has been reviewed, but quite a few have, and I feel we've made some contribution to the community.

Without wishing to sound negative, it's easy to get volunteers for reviewing books but it's harder to get the reviews back. Several other LUGs and groups have given up trying. So far we've had 31 reviews - though some of them were already in existence. We've cross-posted to Amazon.co.uk etc so the publishers have had plenty of publicity - some good and some not so good.

Anyhow, anyone wishing to learn Perl (which I strongly recommend), should read my review and if you know programming but not Perl then Randal's book is a good place to start!


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