Mark Shuttleworth interview released!

The interview with Mark Shuttleworth in which he answers the questions sent in by all of you has finally been released after a few delays. Read on for more information!

In the interview, available at Questions Please..., Mark covers a wide range of topics including the possibility of a completely free Ubuntu release on the time frame of feisty+1 - he also lets us know a quick tip on how to install any current Ubuntu release without any of the proprietary blobs!

Other topics include the recent interest over pre-installed GNU/Linux systems, his motivations for starting the Ubuntu project, some thoughts on private space travel and reflections on his own experiences in space and much more!

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions after the last blog post I published about this interview - without the questions it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting. Hopefully, future episodes will be just as interesting :D

Enjoy it...


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