Nominate your favourite free software project for Packt's 2011 Open Source Awards

The great guys at Packt Publishing just released the details for theirs 2011 Open Source awards.

We will forgive their embracing of the term "Open Source", especially since they've given _more than $100,000 for their awards.

The categories are:

Open Source CMS-Every CMS that is based on one of the open source licenses is allowed to participate for this category

  • Open Source Mobile Toolkits and Libraries-This category is reserved for Open Source software that assist the development of applications for Mobile devices

  • Most Promising Open Source project- This category is reserved for all those open source projects that have had their first non-beta release within the past two years (of the date of the Award).

  • Open Source Business Applications -This category will be reserved for the type of Open Source web applications designed to support and help a company reach its commercial goals. This includes E-Commerce systems, ERP systems and CRM systems.

  • Open Source JavaScript Libraries -This category is reserved for JavaScript libraries, libraries of pre-written JavaScript controls which allow for easier development of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), visually enhanced applications or smoother server-side JavaScript functionalities

  • Open Source Multimedia Software-This category is reserved for all Open Source software that is used for various ranges of multimedia, from audio editors/management to graphics and video editing software.

So... this is when you nominate your favourite projects, so that they get a chance to win some cash!


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