A short story contest relevant to free software...

When I first launched Free Software Magazine, I intended to have a "fiction" section. I've been writing short stories since I was quite young, and a fiction section seemed to make sense. For a number of reasons, the idea never took off.

This is why writing about a short story competition on this blog, now that Free Software Magazine is more established, is somehow emotionally charged.Zoeshire is a new web site which will run a short story contest every two months. I am one of the judges (with Anthony Taylor and Scott Elyard) and will read all of the stories. This month's topic is:

Feature a negative effect of "intellectual property" laws (trademark, copyright, or patent laws). Write in any genre: science fiction, fantasy, slice-of-life, historical fiction, modern romance, and so on.

Given the topic, I have the feeling that I will probably publish the contest's winner in this blog as well.

There is a cash prize to be won ($300). If you write short stories, please feel free to participate! If you know people who write, please spread the word.


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