Something rotten in the State of Sweden

This entire OOXML campaign stinks!

This is being forced on everyone simply because one corporation has manufactured a back-door strategy, to maintain a software monopoly.

Around the world, we decided that we needed a new universal standard to apply to the digital equivalent of pen and paper.

Around the world, we decided on such a standard.

Microsoft chose not to take part in those deliberations.

Now, Microsoft want to tell us, “Stuv ya stanadz suggerz, wod we zeyz goez, bub.”

The standards we selected, means nothing to Microsoft, apparently.

Our orderly method of deciding on the adoption of standards is being violently overturned by Microsoft.

When we have attempted to set up committees to examine Microsoft's extensively bloated claims, that they have produced some sort of “standard”, Microsoft resorted to a tactic that is despised world-wide; in Australia we call it, “branch stacking”, most other countries will have similar descriptions for the activity of introducing alien groups to out-vote the expressed desires of the local group.

Someone should do something about it.

Well, someone has.

Sweden has figuratively pinched their nose, and said to themselves, “Something is starting to stink in the State of Sweden”, then pulled out of this farce, entirely.

The rest of us should wake up and do the same.

Microsoft should wake up to themselves.

This is not just some bunch of geeks, looking at your unseemly manipulations.

CEOs, and IT specialists, world-wide, are observing this childish display, by Microsoft, to subvert a simple process which is logically beneficial to everyone, apart from Microsoft.

Is this the sort of company you would want supplying all of your software?

Even Steve Ballmer can't buy publicity like that.


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