We are free software, you will be assimilated... you are assimilated

I love to write witty titles, in many cases more than the actual article, but this title kinda says it all (if you don't understand it, read this). If there are still those of you that are avoiding free software, give up. You lose. To view this blog entry alone you've used dozens of free software products.

First, the server free software magazine is hosted on is Fedora Core, a free software operating system. The server, is Apache, the website uses PHP, ZLib, OpenSSL and Drupal. To view this page, your browsers have used an open specification for how to render this page. Furthermore, if you've seen this article using RSS, you've used another open format.

Much of the technology that you encounter is at least based on a free software project, or on an open standard. Like I said at the top of this post, if you don't want to join the free software movement, you already have. In this case, resistance really is futile. ;)

So, since you've already used open source software, it couldn't hurt to try out some more now could it? :o) Start with Firefox, then move on to OpenOffice.org and Thunderbird. Before you know it, you'll be ready to use Ubuntu and Audacity.

Go out and enjoy the free software world you're a part of, download well.


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